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At Athom we work to create a world where all technology is connected, fun and easy to use. We believe that every human being can be creative, yet we found that current technology is too limited. Homey gives every person the possibility to use their creativity and improve the world around them. By connecting services and devices, problems can be solved that before seemed unsolvable. With Homey everyone has access to the right tools to make even the most impossible ideas a reality. Homey is more than just a product. It's a statement. A statement that the world should be open, creative and connected. Together with our community, we set an example how the future is going to be like. With Homey, we put some magic in the hands of every human being.


Startup-az is the fastest growing network of Azerbaijani startups and innovative entrepreneurs. Startup-az supports international outreach of Azerbaijani startups and connects with incubators, universities, accelerators, startup communities, investors, experts and the public. Our Mission We unite Azerbaijani startups from different industries and cities, provide them with a voice, build entrepreneurial environment and help with international expansion. We support tech entrepreneurs in Azerbaijani by providing access to key players within the country and globally. Ambassadors Programme We're looking for ambassadors in Azerbaijan and abroad who are willing to spread a word about Startup-az through their wide networks. We offer our ambassadors opportunity to attend our events, network, meet new people and a lot more. Candidates can apply by sending email to


LAUNCH. aims to reduce the 90% failure rate of global startups. We do this by enabling these startups to reach critical mass faster. For each phase in the lifecycle LAUNCH. adds value to it's users. This will entail a crowdfunding platform for the "triple F" phase, a sourcing option to find the best people you need, a marketplace to find (end-) clients and global resellers. Besides everything you need to make sales, there are technical features like a pitch film in your profile, a document repository, chat & netmeeting capabilities and many more. All you need to become successful.

Eurekite BV

Eurekite is a young, dynamic, scientific and creative company with keen expertise in formulation chemistry, production technology and composite development.

Eurekite was founded by researchers of MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Our mission is to enable new technologies by tackling challenges through the use of flexible ceramic nanofiber composites.


PLANQ is a design studio, we think further than just a nice design. With our knowledge of materials and a big passion for the environment we design interiors and furniture based on natural and waste resources. These products can be solutions for a waste problem used in a circular way to create a sharp design but even more a great consciousness of how natural (waste)materials also can lead to great products.


At Tinybots, we are creating Tessa: a small social robot that enhance self-reliance of the individual with dementia and their family members. Tessa prepares the individual for the daily activities, provides emotional support. It enables quality care even when the family is not able to be physically present.


We enable anyone to deliver anything at any time.


We enable anyone to deliver anything at any time.


We enable anyone to deliver anything at any time.

AI Mentor

Our company is focused on data analysis, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence enabled services

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