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Launchpad Meetups

Twice a year, we organise a series of Launchpad Meetups for corporates and startups to connect around specific innovation challenes of the corporates. 

A corporate can organise a Launchpad Meetup in order to receive input from innovative startups on a (future) challenge they are facing. The goal of a Meetup is to inspire and to open the door for future collaboration with startups. Three promising startups are invited to the corporate's office to pitch their ideas on their specific challenge. 


GrowthClass activities are a optimized blend of offline and online sessions in which Energizers, Coaches, Mentors and the participating entrepreneurs and corporate managers work on real business cases. In several settings and via multiple exercises, the participants in the GrowthClass ecosytem combine their knowledge, experience and skills in order to help each other achieve growth.

Venture IQ

Of the zillions of tech companies around the world, we'll track down the ones corporates should know about, and help them close a partnership by drawing on decades of venture capital experience and our cutting edge data analytics.

Market Extension

mainly strategic marketing and international business development services for innovative digital fast growing companies.

international market research

market entry strategy

competitive analysis

finding distributor and content partners



find take over and strategic partners