Why startup

in Holland?

It's Europe's largest

startup ecosystem

Imagine an entire country working together to achieve a single goal;

to create the space where entrepreneurs stand up, start up and scale up.

Welcome to the Netherlands!

These fast growing tech companies

all have a EU Hub in the Netherlands

Why startups and scaleups

choose Holland!





business climate




fiscal climate



Creative & innovative



quality of life

Europe's most

connected startup


We are the world's most connected economy

This is where you connect

to all of Europe!

95% of Europe's major markets

can be reached within 24 hours

Percentage of population

able to hold a conversation

in English in the EU

Fun fact

1.3 bikes per person:

your next business deal

is a bike ride away!

StartupDelta providing startups

3 unfair advantages


Gateway to the rest of the world

Leading multinationals are based here, providing an easy way to validate ideas across this continent, and fast, efficient gateways to the rest of the world.


10+ tech clusters within a 90 minutes reach

You're never more than 90 minutes away from 10+ top notch startup & tech clusters, including smart food, gaming, healthtech, bioscience, nanotech, sharing economy, big data and photonics.


If it works here

it works anywhere

An abundance of lead partners, launching customers and early adopters. This well connected society has always been a natural test-bed of inventions. And when it works in the Netherlands, it works anywhere on the planet!

Small country big tech footprint!

It all happens in 10+ technology hubs that are 90min apart giving you access to top talent, technology, and ecosystems to help you grow your business.

Orange carpet treatment

for global talent

Startup Visa

"We now have one of the most welcoming immigrations procedure for international innovative entrepreneurs"

The residence permit scheme for start-ups affords ambitious entrepreneurs from outside the EU one year to launch an innovative new business in the Netherlands.

Later stage startups can rely on easy residence/work permits for up to 5 years for Highly-Skilled Migrants and their families.

Application procedure takes 2 - 6 weeks.

Definitions of " highly-skilled" = high (enough) salary:

- Under 30 yrs.: €38,460*

- Over 30 yrs.: €52,462*

Expats in the Netherlands have 30% Tax-free allowance on their gross salaries.

*These are gross salaries, which can include benefits.

Here, startups grow fast

Startups are growing in the Netherlands towards Unicorn status.

Adyen is our first, the runner ups are on its tails.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Investments in Dutch Companies

StartupJuncture investment overview

shows that 153 Dutch startups

ave raised

€430 million

in 2015

The median investment was

650.000 euros

The largest investment round was

75 million Euros

for Catawiki

Dutch entrepreneurs are building more

and more of the world-leading companies

Are you ready

to scale up to Europe?

We provide an orange carpet to Europe's

West coast for awesome startups

One-stop shop

The one-stop shop for international

companies with European

operations or growth plans

Doing business

In-depth information about all aspects

of doing business in the Netherlands

Expert guidance

Expert guidance on tax, government

incentives, recruitment, supply

chain and site selection

Fact finding trips

Tailor-made fact finding trips

to the Netherlands

Business locations

Independent benchmark studies

that compare different European

business locations


Assistance in obtaining work visa

and residence permits

Potential business partners

Introductions to potential business partners

and to the Dutch tax and customs authorities

Free & confidential

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