Smart counselling app for the prevention of work-related stress and burnout

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Company info
Target markets Netherlands, Italy, Europe
B2B / B2C consumer
Revenue model subscription
Delivery model online
Growth stage seed
Performance top 5%
Traffic 0.5K
Employees 2-10
Launch date 2015
Date Investors Amount Round
Oct '15 NAM SEED
Total funding 0M

Michelle Franke


Benjamin Grima

Mobile Developer

Kacper Sulak

Online Marketing

Mauro Fontanari


Laura Fontanari


Company Industry Growth stage Performance Employees Traffic Funding Similarity

Make appointments with doctors, check your symptoms and track your health

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty seed top 10% 2-10 0M 75%

Get paired with a private nutrition expert who will work with you 1:1, and coach you daily to reach your personal best.

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty early growth top 5% 11-50 2.1M 72%

Connecting patients to doctors through online asynchronous tools

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty seed top half 2-10 0M 72%

Provider of on-demand software and services for the healthcare industry

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty late growth top 25% 201-500 88.1M 72%

Provides personalised health care information in real time

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty early growth top 5% 11-50 6.6M 72%

Talkspace | Online Therapy | Counseling Online | Marriage Counseling

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty seed top 10% 2-10 25.5M 72%
Handle My Health

Handle My Health, medicine management and quality of life reporting platform

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%
Company 74
Effective Software

Health and Safety Management Software

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%
Company 74
Capra Health

Capra Health: Healthcare Reimbursement Regulatory & Compliance

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%
Company 74

Healthcare Communication Software | Proficient Health

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty top 5% 0M 69%
Company 74
ConsultaClick España

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty early growth top 25% 0M 69%
Company 74
E4 Health

E4 Health - A Human Approach to Healthcare

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty top half 0M 69%
Company 74
Madaket Health

Madaket Health | Automating Healthcare Provider Enrollment | Home

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%
Company 74

Stayhealthy - Get Healthy, Be Health, Stayhealthy - Empowering people to take control of their health

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%
Touchstone Health

Touchstone Health HMO fosters an empowering healthcare experience that is compassionate, simple and useful for New...

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%
Fusion Healthchart Portal

Complete Healthcare Portal for Patients and Providers

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%
Company 74
Ipelion Healthcare

Ipelion Healthcare | Leading Home Healthcare Provider in Texas

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%
Doctor on Demand

Consult with a doctor online through video conferencing

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty late growth top 10% 51-200 78.9M 69%

Seratis brings doctors and nurses out of the pager era by allowing #healthcare providers to coordinate, track and...

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty top half 0M 69%
Regal Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab Centre

North York ON base Regal Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab Centre offer best Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and Massage...

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%

Integrated, contextual support to improve your customer care. Reduce your support load while supporting your users.

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty top 5% 0M 69%
Company 74
Doctors' Quick Weight Loss of Sarasota

Sarasota Weight Loss Clinic - Doctors' Quick Weight Loss of Sarasota

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty 0M 69%

incentaHEALTH provides incentive-based wellness programs that help corporations lower health care costs by improving...

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty top half 0M 69%
Company 74
DNA Health Corp

Integrative Medicine & Wellness Tourism Center – DNA Health Corp

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty top 5% 0M 69%
Big Health

Using data to create personalised behavioural medicine programmes

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty early growth top 25% 11-50 13.9M 69%
Date Company Industry Growth stage Location Target geo Traffic Performance Total funding Last round Investors
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8ync84oguzodeyowm3mmnlowjjyju0m2fiy2riytc0mtcxyw==

Pharmaceuticals to treat...

medical / healthcare seed Worldwide 0M USD M Industrifonden
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8ymi9kmjiyzwywowqwzja2zjkyy2ziztazntczmzmxyza4yw==

Empowers senior citizens...

medical / healthcare, iot internetofthings early growth Europe 3.8M EUR 3.8M KPN Ventures, Van Herk Ventures
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxni8xms8ymi9kzdjmnge2ywu2odziyzi3n2njytdkmzi4mwqzywfinw==

Professional home care for...

medical / healthcare, directory early growth United Kingdom 11K 3.1M EUR 1.6M David Buttress, Tim Jackson, Credo Ventures, Kima Ventures, Charlie Songhurst, Laurent Laffy, Ayesha Vardag, Stephen Bence, Henry Costa, Philip Pasler, Malik Si-Hassen, Alexander Dellal, Peter Sands, Paul Willmott, Ken Costa, Thomas Zoltner, Arnie Sriskandarajah
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8yms9hotrhmdiyyzm1zjhiogjhzwi4zjjkzgfkzgu5yja5za==

Online pharmacy

medical / healthcare, home early growth Worldwide 1M EUR 1M Jean-Claude Labrune, Laurent de Clergerie, Régis Fabre, Tony Parker
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxns8xms8xoc80mgm3zmfknwi2ztk2nmy2ytqwzwnmnwrknznhnzyxzg==

Helps users track their...

medical / healthcare, wellness / beauty early growth Europe 1K top 25% 3.5M EUR 1.3M
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8yms8yztzhmmnknge3zde2mmy1mtljndniyty5ntg5ymiwnq==

Synthetic promoters to...

medical / healthcare early growth Worldwide 8.3M EUR 5.8M Calculus Capital, Scottish Investment Bank - Scottish Enterprise
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8yms80zme3mwe4mtc0mmixyje1mdlhyjg0n2m0nmnlyzblzq==

Molecular diagnostics...

medical / healthcare early growth Worldwide 19M EUR 4M European Investment Bank, Kansalaisrahoitus
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8yms82odmxotk2ngixogu3ymi1zjmxzdblyzy3yte2ogfinw==
Inoviem Scientific

Preclinical & clinical...

medical / healthcare, legal early growth Worldwide 1.3M EUR 0.7M Cap Innov'Est, Bpifrance, Strasbourg Eurométropole
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxni8wny8ymc8wotbhnde5mzk0odg3ndvlmgzindc3nmq3zgm0nmu2ng==
Aspect Imaging

Compact, high-performance...

medical / healthcare late growth Worldwide 2K top half 45.5M EUR 27.3M Eri Steimatzky, Stewart Resnick
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8yms9jnzkyzgjkymi0mwizywfjmtbmzthkztzkngzkzmvmyq==

Minimally invasive heart...

medical / healthcare late growth Worldwide 51.5M EUR 395.9M Swisscom Ventures, Boston Scientific, Endeavour Vision, NBGI Ventures, Vinci Capital, Wellington Partners, Banexi Ventures, Aravis Ventures, Truffle Capital, Novartis Venture Fund
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8xos82ymy5zdzhmmzhmja5otbhmjm2nwq1mtvjmmi5zwezna==

Provider of intelligent...

wellness / beauty, food late growth Germany 257K top half 0M M Project A Ventures, TA Ventures, Black River Ventures, Fabrice Grinda, Lakestar, Teodoro D'Ambrosio, Uwe Horstmann, Davidson Technology
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8xns80y2njyjc4nwu0mzi1yjjjzjzkyjq5njm0mwvlyty4yq==

Fighting antibiotic resistance

medical / healthcare seed Worldwide 0.3K 2.1M EUR 2.1M
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8xns9hzjhkmwrhyjy0yzu0odawndzhnta0oda5zmi0njywzq==

Developing a new class of...

medical / healthcare seed Worldwide 3.4M EUR 3.4M Seed Capital Denmark
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8xns84njrkmwfimzfjotzjngq5ndk3mwiwmwzkzgfhmjm2oq==
Adhesys Medical

Medical adhesive for...

medical / healthcare early growth Worldwide 0M M TMCx Accelerator, The Grünenthal Group
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxni8wnc8xoc83zgflm2zizdgwytrjmgnkymjlmdeynzzlymy1zgm4yq==

Solutions to regulate appetite

medical / healthcare seed Worldwide 1K top 25% 10.4M EUR 3.5M Seventure Partners, Pontifax Funds, NCI Information Systems, Bpifrance, Zaluvida
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8xnc83yjfiotfhmde3mmniyzdhmdy1zmi2mtg3mmrjy2y4mg==
ALung Technologies

Intra and extracorporeal...

medical / healthcare early growth Worldwide 0.6K 86.4M EUR 32.8M Philips, The Accelerator Group, Birchmere Ventures, Red Eagle Ventures, MAG Ventures, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, Allos Ventures, West Capital Advisors, BlueTree Allied Angels, Accelerator Fund, Smithfield Trust, Riverfront Ventures, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, ABIOMED, LTD.
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxni8xmc8ymy9kmduxmja2otbjnznlmti5y2jkngm1mtljywm2nde4za==

Low Energy X-ray (LEXR)...

medical / healthcare seed Worldwide 0.8K 5.3M EUR 2.6M The North West Fund, Finance Birmingham
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8woc81yznjyjuwnwflyjeymjixzjkwmjezn2uxyza1zdu3oa==

Making Spine Surgery Safer

medical / healthcare early growth Worldwide 0.9K 17M EUR 2M Omnes Venture Capital, Delta Partners, A Plus Finance, Innoven Partners
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8woc8zytjmmmy1y2u2ntu4ntmxzjdmnju5yzawytjlotazyg==
MGB Biopharma

BioTech solutions

medical / healthcare seed Worldwide top 25% 11.2M EUR 1M Archangel, Archangel Informal Investments, Tri-CAP, TRI Capital, Technology Strategy Board, Archangels, Scottish Investment Bank - Scottish Enterprise
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxni8wmi8wos9kogzizwzizwrjy2y4mznjymq0owm4mty4nwviztzkmg==

Access you to hundreds of...

wellness / beauty, sports seed Sweden 1K 1.4M EUR 1M Aggregate Media
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8woc8zy2q1ztqymjhinjazzwfhmjk5nwewngu0ogi2ntqznw==

3D printing for healthcare

medical / healthcare seed Worldwide 0.8K 0.6M EUR 0.6M techstart NI, Patrick M. Hurst
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8woc81ywu1ntdimjvlymezyzzjzti3ogq3mtuzmgflnti0zg==
Friction Free Shaving

Razor delivery company

wellness / beauty early growth United Kingdom 1.6M EUR 1.4M Athene Capital, Seedrs
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8woc9lnzexy2qynzdkyzjjotc5y2qxnzqwzjrlmtq2ytgzyw==
Enterprise Therapeutics

Respiratory diseases drugs...

medical / healthcare seed Worldwide 9.6M M Epidarex Capital, Imperial Innovations Limited, CYSTIC FIBROSIS TRUST
Apr '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxny8wnc8woc8wyzm2mjvlyzcxogjjztvkmwvjnjhiytc0mgu0ntlmyw==
Repositive Ltd

Access and sharing human...

medical / healthcare, analytics early growth Worldwide 6K 3.8M EUR 2.8M Amadeus Capital Partners, MassChallenge, Seedcamp, John Taysom, Ananda Ventures, Force Over Mass Capital, Jonathan Milner
Mar '17 Nzq6nzq6y29tcgfueubzmy1lds13zxn0lteuyw1hem9uyxdzlmnvbs9kzwfscm9vbs1pbwfnzxmvmjaxns8wns8wnc85mzm4otcxngu2mtjjnzlhyzg5ntrlyzy5yjy3n2fimw==
Cell Medica

Manufactures cellular...

medical / healthcare early growth Worldwide 1K top 25% 167.6M GBP 60M Imperial Innovations Limited, Invesco Perpetual, Woodford Investment Management, Touchstone Innovations, VI Partners