Bottle was founded in 2015 by OYON ABESSOLO GAEL GATIEN, A Software Engineer and Patrick Marie NGA NDJOBO, Ph.D Economics. Bottle is a gift sharing social network  that allows  users to  share goods and services amongst friends and family members, especially in  a  festive  context-house and outdoor parties and other events, via web and mobile. Specifically, Bottle allows  offering  gifts in terms of everyday  consumer products. The eventual partners of Bottle are brewing companies, gas stations, travel  agents, pharmacies …).
DESCRIPTION OF  THE  SERVICE  LEVEL  OFFERED  TO BOTTLE  CUSTOMERS Bottle  allows distant-separated  people  sharing gifts and happiness via web and mobile.  Thus, Bottle gives the  possibility to an individual to directly carry out tangible action to help a friend/family member in need for everyday  consumer products such as drugs, food, diesel,  gasoline  and crude oil. Thus, Bottle reduced distance between people with financing capacity and those with primary consumption needs all over the world with  just  one click or SMS.
Bottle uses a  clever  SMS and GIFTCODE warning  system.TARGET MARKET OF BOTTLE
Bottle targets mainly the world's  poor and their relatives more  fortunate. Thus, people who have a  mobile phone  or able to go on-line are potential Bottle consumers. Through a revenue sharing  formula, Bottle offers the possibility to each withdrawal point to earn a fee for each withdrawal operation. This approach will permit us to engage with our distribution network members wherever  they may be.
The  main  strengths  of  the Bottle solution  include the following. (i)   Mobile penetration and access  to the Internet in developing countries and African ones in particular, are increasing at a rapid rate. (ii) A  constantly increasing  of total world  primary goods and services consumption. Therefore, Botlle do  not transfer  money but rather goods and services.IMPLEMENTATION OF BOTTLE
Implementation of Bottle involves 3 phases: 
1-    Finalization of the  digital  platform. During this phase, we will  be  dealing with finalizing development of various applications required to propel Bottle. 
2-    Creation of a distribution network which  provides nationwide, region wide and worldwide coverage. 
3-    Launching and accompanying e-marketing campaign, mainly via social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram ...).
In technical level, Bottle is being developed at 50%.

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Share beverages and meals via the web and mobile

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We can do revenur sharing with corporates

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In 2012 we done a join venture with some Cameroonian Compnies but was very short experience

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With bottle you can offer a pepsi canet or a McDonalds Meal to you friend anywhere in the world from your PC or mobile. it is simple and faster

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