Love at first sight during Launchpad Meetup

How did this collaboration/match come about?

We invited Declaree to pitch at EY during our Launchpad Meetup. Our COO was in the audience and it was love at first sight ;-)

What type of collaboration (f.e. Incubator, investor) do you have and why was this type the best fit for your partnership?

EY has an extended international network. We can help startups with opening up this network. As launching customer we can stay ahead by integrated innovative solutions and possibly find a combined go-to-market.

What are the success factors of your collaboration?

Great team, insights in the startup ecosystem, open and honest communication.

What are the most important lessons you learned from this collaboration?

The need to come to quick decision whether to collaborate or not and having the right people involved at the right level. Believers in startups and innovation who will take away the hurdles within our organization to make the partnership a success.

What advice would you give other corporates or startups that are looking for crossover collaboration?

To corporates – Take time to understand what your needs and innovation challenges are. Be clear about what the pain point exactly is and be honest and to the point in your communication.

To startups – Develop a strong pitch – what is the added value of your business for a corporate and be really, really specific on how you solve the specific challenge for the corporate. If your pitch is the same as for the previous corporate you were pitching too, it’s not specific enough.

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