1125 jobs and € 84 MLN revenue for UtrechtInc companies

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1125 jobs and € 84 MLN revenue for UtrechtInc companies

Today UtrechtInc publishes the results of the successes booked in 2016 by the companies the startup incubator has supported. Since its doors first opened in 2009, UtrechtInc has supported 157 startups . In 2016 these companies produced a total of € 84 million in revenue and created 1125 jobs.  

Adding up success in 2016

UtrechtInc counted 32 young startups under its roof, and 67 companies which have successfully graduated from its startup programs. Since 2009 these companies have raised a total of € 238 million in investment capital. In addition to a network of mentors and office space, entrepreneurs also come to UtrechtInc for access to growth financing. The Rabo Pre-seed Fund is a equity-free finance fund for startups managed by UtrechtInc: a total of 155 loans have been granted since 2009 for a grand total of € 3.5 million.


UtrechtInc is the incubator for Utrecht University, Utrecht’s University of Applied Sciences and the UMC - supporting researchers and entrepreneurs to successfully set up (IT) companies. There are several programs which cater to the differing needs of startups at various stages of growth. The focus of these programs is accelerating growth: designing a scalable business model, finding paying customers, creating a complementary team and building a working product all in the course of a few months. Researchers are mentored in their first forays in entrepreneurship, including finding a founder with whom they can go to market. UtrechtInc uses the startup incubator programs to make innovations accessible that can help to create a healthy environment and society.


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Source of results:

Survey of UtrechtInc startups and graduates.

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