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Amsterdam-StartupDelta has managed to maintain its top 20 position in the Startup Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking that has been released today. With Amsterdam-StartupDelta on spot #19, it is again ranked among world’s leading startup hubs. After entering the top 20 in 2015 for the first time ever, it has now proven that it is a top destination to start, grow and accelerate your business.


Today, Startup Genome, formerly called Compass, has released the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, assessing startup ecosystems globally. The Compass index is based on 10,000 startup surveys, combined with more than 200 interviews and startup data of relevant stakeholders.  The report ranks startup ecosystems along five major components; Performance, Funding, Talent, Market Reach and Startup experience.


Amsterdam-StartupDelta scores highest at market reach (#10) with 2,900 startups. It also scores well in terms of the eco-system value (14 Billion US dollar, estimated by Genome) and a very succesful  exit rate value. As location for international tech talent the Netherlands is gaining more attention. Nearly 90 percent of the Dutch population speak English and with the publice-private initiative StartupDelta- the Netherlands has made real push to implementing policies that are geared towards growth of startups. Great examples are the favorable tax code and the released startup visa.


The benchmark shows a strong US presence: the two world’s top 20 leading startup ecosystems are Silicon Valley and New York City. China, with the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, not featured in 2015 research, is now included on respectively spot #4 and #8.

Aside from Amsterdam, four European cities make the top 20: London (#3), Berlin (#7), Paris (#11), Stockholm (#14). According to Genome, the biggest upward movement was Stockholm (#14).


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 “The Netherlands is one big connected tech ecosystem buzzing with creativity; where design and innovation are combined with excellent infrastructure and engineering skills. The Netherlands is an ideal testbed and launchpad into Europe. Here entrepreneurs, government, and business are focused to drive the most innovative economy of Europe.” says Special Envoy Constantijn van Oranje.




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