MOCS receives funding for its spinoffs Viktor and Codure

March 17th 2017 | via:

Delft-based tech company MOCS this week received funding from InnovationQuarter for both its spinoffs Viktor and Codure.

MOCS (Maritime, Offshore and Civil Structures) is an engineering/consultancy startup for the maritime, offshore and civil industry. It’s incubated at YES!Delft.

Viktor (a software company), and Codure (a hardware manufacturer) each got an undisclosed amount of funding.

With the investment MOCS can bring both spinoffs quickly to market.


Viktor makes specialized software for the engineering industry. It automates calculations of complex engineering problems and condenses the design and engineering process to customer-specific requirements.

Codure repairs old pipelines with the so-called Cured-In-Place-Piping method. That has been done for a while, but the spinoff has developed a new kind of fitting.

Parent company MOCS already brought fiber-reinforced plastic bridges to market with its other spinoff FWD, founded in 2015. Last year it got acquired by Groot Lemmer Bruggen.

InnovationQuarter funding

MOCS is InnovationQuarter’s 21st investment since its inception in 2014. IQ is the regional development agency for West Holland with a committed capital of 80 million euro.

Francis Quint, head of InnovationQuarter Capital: “We have invested in a solid and profitable business group consisting of a talented team with a proven track record in product development and spin-outs.”

Image: Viktor homepage

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