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Welcome to the corporate launchpad, the online platform for connecting and sharing between corporates and startups. The corporate launchpad is the place to go if you want to learn more about valuable collaborations between startups and corporates in the Netherlands or if you are looking for a connection to a startup or corporate for your own business.

What can you do here:

  • Register and create a profile of your corporate or startup
  • Connect with each other via the platform
  • Share your experiences on corporate/startup collaboration in showcases
  • Share your news of views in messages directly on our message board
  • Learn on tools and services that can help you get started
  • Connect with each other via the platform

Here is where corporates and startups connect.

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Learning from experiences of others or share your own views, that’s the goal of the launchpad. Showcase your corporate / startup collaboration story here. Start with an account and a profile and share your best practice, advice and lessons learned with other corporates and startups.

Love at first sight during Launchpad Meetup


Financial Administration


Financial services

LAUNCHING CUSTOMERS are corporates that function as a first or pilot customer for a startup product or technology.

How did this collaboration/match come about?

We invited Declaree to pitch at EY during our Launchpad Meetup. Our COO was in the audience and it was love at first sight ;-)

Start Now

Don’t know where to scout the right corporate or startup? Need help to build your own corporate venture? You can find tools and services that help you get started here!

SCOUTING tools and services help you scout the right partner (corporate or startup). This can for example be events or startup databases, helping your search at the right place with the right question.


GrowthClass activities are a optimized blend of offline and online sessions in which Energizers, Coaches, Mentors and the participating entrepreneurs and corporate managers work on real business cases. In several settings and via multiple exercises, the participants in the GrowthClass ecosytem combine their knowledge, experience and skills in order to help each other achieve growth.

Launchpad Meetups

Twice a year, we organise a series of Launchpad Meetups for corporates and startups to connect around specific innovation challenes of the corporates. 

A corporate can organise a Launchpad Meetup in order to receive input from innovative startups on a (future) challenge they are facing. The goal of a Meetup is to inspire and to open the door for future collaboration with startups. Three promising startups are invited to the corporate's office to pitch their ideas on their specific challenge. 

Add your Tool or Service


Connect to a corporate here or to a startup here. Start by making your account and profile and connect to the corporate or startup that you want to get in touch or collaborate with. Tell them why your business matches theirs, what you can offer them and then wait and see if the match is mutual!


Recent Updates

Corporate launchpad

Join other dutch corporates Nov 27th – Dec 3rd 2016 at the Executive Bootcamp to the innovation powerhouses of the Big Apple and The Hub of the Universe, Boston! Coordinated by Dutch Basecamp. Sign up at http://bit.ly/2bZOdyL

Corporate launchpad

Calling all innovative, competitive and eager startups!  Accenture #AIA16 is looking for the best innovations  http://a.iawards.nl/v50ak#https://innovation-awards.nl/aia-register/ 

Corporate launchpad

Dutch corporates well represented in Europe's corporate / startup stars: http://www.nesta.org.uk/blog/europes-corporate-startup-stars

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Corporate launchpad
We are live with the corporate launchpad! Make a profile, share your showcase and start connecting!!


Want to get updates on the corporate launchpad? Fill in your data here. Other questions or suggestions: shout out to the corporate launchpad at info@corporatelaunchpad.nl.