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Wageningen is the Hub2be for startups working in Food, Agro and Bio-tech. Located in the centre of Holland’s Food Valley, Wageningen University Campus continually scores amongst the world’s best in the international rankings; a global leader in disrupting Food and Agriculture –both in research and applying that knowledge to new business. Wageningen offers Startups access to its global ecosystem, and has a successful reputation for driving ideas towards investor readiness and well beyond. There are incubators, like StartLife and StartHub Wageningen, aimed at helping both students, staff and everybody who's interested in starting a business in the AgriFood & Bio-tech sector, to become true entrepreneurs.

For a current overview of all major initiatives in this sector check out the websites of Food Valley NL and PPM Oost, the East Netherlands Regional Development Company. Both are very pro-active in supporting new start-ups at the point where they need to scale-up abroad. PPM Oost has one of the highest deal flows in The Netherlands and, with over 116 nationalities on campus, the area is extremely well connected to the rest of the world.

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Company 74
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