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Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ second largest city and Europe’s largest shipping port. It’s become a melting pot of cultures with entrepreneurship in their DNA. Talented entrepreneurs, startups and multinationals are busy inventing new businesses against the famous skyscraper skyline. Their efforts are already having both national and international impact.

Rotterdam is home to a vibrant international startup ecosystem specialising in medical and corporate entrepreneurship, and backed by the financial and medical reputation of Erasmus University and Erasmus University Medical Centre. You’ll find a whole range of startup communities here, based around centres such as the Rotterdam Science Tower, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, and the RDM Campus in Stadshavens. The Port of Rotterdam and YES!Delft have partnered to form the Port Innovation Lab.  Entrepreneurs across the region enjoy the strong support of the Municipality, the Port of Rotterdam authority and the economic development board Rotterdam Partners (RP).

Later in 2015, Cambridge Massachusetts based CIC will open its first hub in Europe specially catering to the needs of young entrepreneurs. In Rotterdam, no one is a stranger!

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