Leiden Bio Science Park

Leiden Bio Science Park is the leading life sciences cluster in the Netherlands and ranks among the top five most successful science parks in Europe. The Park is home to 85+ dedicated medical life sciences companies and institutions, developing innovative drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and platform technologies.

Leiden Bio Science Park has built a large, vibrant trusted ecosystem which welcomes collaboration with innovative life-science startups and later-stage established companies. There are dedicated incubator buildings close to the research facilities at Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Centre. BioPartner Center Leiden offers starting bio-technology entrepreneurs great value facilities. The centre currently houses 50+ businesses.

There are also strong connections with Erasmus University, Erasmus Medical Center and Delft University of Technology in a region that’s become known as “Medical Delta”.


Leiden is an attractive environment in which to work and live. It is an internationally oriented, young and culturally rich city. Home to the oldest university in the Netherlands. Which is why Leiden has a long tradition of knowledge & science. No less than 16 Nobel Prize winners are linked to Leiden.

Leiden has a beautiful and vibrant city centre, seeped in history with many canals and over 3,000 monuments. It boasts 12 world-class museums with amazing exhibitions on antiquity, the arts, nature, science and anthropology. It is centrally located in the middle of the Randstad and only a mere 16 minutes by train from Schiphol International Airport.

A welcoming place for Expats

To underline the importance of international knowledge workers to the Leiden region, the Expat Centre was set up. They help expats settle by advising on matters of immigration, formalities and the practical aspects of living, international schools and social life in Leiden.

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