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The region Arnhem/Nijmegen has quickly risen to international fame due to successes in Life Sciences and HealthTech, Energy, environmental Clean Tech and Biotech. Numerous knowledge institutions and companies work collaboratively in this region. Very close to Germany, the international market is just a few steps away. 

Energy Transition, Clean Tech and Circular Economy

Arnhem as major hub of East Netherlands puts Energy Transition, Clean Tech, Circular Economy and entrepreneurship in the spotlight. These sectors will find solid ground in this region. More than 1,400 companies are working in this particular industry. The yearly turnover is € 2.2 billion. And more than 30.000 people are working within these sectors.

One precondi­tion for realising the desired level of innovation is the presence of active organisations like kiEMT where knowledge, expertise and facilities are bundled in the programm GreenTechAlliances, powered by kiEMT. Annually, approximately 30 start-ups are supported by GreenTechAlliances. 

Arnhem is surrounded by academic knowledge: Wageningen University, Radboud University, University of Twente and Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen. With access to European grants, state funds and funding from developing agencies, there is no ground more fertile for Clean Tech and biobased start-ups than this region. The proof of this can be found in the success of Deepwater Energy, BTN International, StexFibers, Solar Solution Worldwide, Triple Aqua and Sit & Hit. All these start-ups saw their business flourish in Arnhem. 


HealthTech & Life Sciences

Close to Arnhem, the world of Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma, Medical Technology, medical information and communication technology opens up to start-ups. Nijmegen is headquarters to Health Valley, a unique platform for start-ups, universities, care institutions, companies and governmental authorities to exchange information and work together. The Health Valley network spans across the Dutch provinces of Gelderland, Brabant and Overijssel. Its service area, however, is global. 

Leading partners in Nijmegen are Radboud University (2010 Nobel prize winner), and Radboud University Medical Center, REshape Center (with strong ties to Singularity University in Mountain View, California), Novio Tech Campus, and support programs for start-ups like SMB Life Sciences and Red Medtech Ventures. And that was only the start of the life science line up. In July 2015, Rockstart announced its first digital health accelerator program for start-ups. 

Over the years Radboud University and Radboud University Medical Center have created 83 spin-off companies on a wide variety of topics such as ecology, health, material science, life sciences and chemistry and IT. Some of these companies even became large multinationals. Almost all companies are still situated in the region, create work for 1908 employees and gain over 191 M€ revenue per year.

Gelderland Valoriseert

Gelderland Valoriseert is a hub-in-hub in Arnhem/Nijmegen, with a focus on energy, creative industry and chemicals, of special interest to start-up because of their intense support programme for start-ups.

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