Frequently Asked Questions

StartupDelta is a public-private partnership that collaborates with 8 primary innovation hubs in the Netherlands to speed up innovation, attract startups, corporates and investors to the Netherlands, and serve as an advocate for the startup community to policy makers.

A small core team led by Special Envoy Constantijn van Oranje works to boost the entrepreneurial spirit by specifically targeting barriers, and improving access to talent, capital, network, knowledge and markets.

The initiative is supported by the 8 innovation hubs of the Netherlands and the Dutch ministries of Economic Affairs, and of Education, Culture and Science.

No, the role of StartupDelta is to provide information and support, and to act as a gateway to our extensive network of startups, accelerators, government, and other useful parties in the Netherlands and abroad.

StartupDelta has a powerful network that can help to facilitate the growth of your startup in the Dutch ecosystem. Think of us as a signpost to great initiatives, offering guidance where needed. Additionally, StartupDelta is an advocate to policy makers on behalf of the Dutch startup ecosystem.

We maintain an overview of the national and international initiatives are being organised to help the best startups scale up and stay up. Keep checking  this website for updates on upcoming events, the 8 startup hubs in the Netherlands, and the unique LaunchPad network. We’re constantly adding new things.

As a network organisation, StartupDelta is active throughout the Netherlands. You’ll find us at innovation hubs such as Startup Utrecht, Startup North, Kennispark Twente, Startup South Holland, Startup Amsterdam, Startup Gelderland, Brightlands and Brainport Eindhoven. See our hubs page for more details about these innovation hubs.

If you are looking for the core StartupDelta team, you will find us in the dynamic and startup-centred office of B.Amsterdam: Johan Huizingalaan 763a, 1066 VH, Amsterdam.

The Dutch government recognises the many benefits of having an active, open and productive ecosystem for startups. All the infrastructure that is needed to build your business here is in place across the Netherlands. Various departments within the Dutch government are working hard to ease regulations, introduce startup visas for those who need them, and offer a wide variety of business support. Rest assured the Netherlands is the right place to start up and scale up your company internationally.

StartupDelta was created to serve the needs of all startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands, Dutch startups abroad, and foreign startups looking to (re)locate to the Netherlands.

Over the past 18 months StartupDelta has transformed the Dutch startup ecosystem into one of the most competitive ones in Europe. We have compiled a report on StartupDelta’s main achievements in its first 18 months. Click here to view this report.

To name a few highlights, we have managed to unify the startup hubs of the Netherlands into one single hub, and the Cabinet has made available €50 million each year to improve the fiscal framework for startups by adapting the usual salary taxation scheme and improving the investment climate in the early stage.

Additionally, we have brought attention to the Dutch startup ecosystem abroad. We helped a number of Dutch startups set foot abroad, and have activated a global mentoring network. Furthermore, we have helped realise the ‘Startup Visa’ for the Netherlands, which is a work permit for international startup founders in the Netherlands.

We have also increased cooperation between startups and corporates, and started a pilot programme named TekDelta to give startups access to the knowledge centres in the Netherlands.

Finally, we have managed to launch educational programmes such as CodePAct. Digital skills are now a part of the Dutch curriculum, and will reach 400.000 children over the next three years.

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StartupDelta was launched in January 2015 by the Dutch Government. On 1st July, 2016 Constantijn van Oranje was appointed the new ‘Special Startup Envoy’. Since then, StartupDelta has become a public-private partnership between the national government and eight innovation hubs in the Netherlands.

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