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Moderating the corporate launchpad on startupdelta.org

What can you offer to a startup?

A place on the corporate launchpad in the form of a profile or a showcase and a chance to connect to corporates via the corporate launchpad platform. 

What are you looking for in startups or new technologies?

All startups that are interested in connecting to a corporate or that want to share their experiences on collaborating with corporates are welcome. 

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Corporate launchpad

Join other dutch corporates Nov 27th – Dec 3rd 2016 at the Executive Bootcamp to the innovation powerhouses of the Big Apple and The Hub of the Universe, Boston! Coordinated by Dutch Basecamp. Sign up at http://bit.ly/2bZOdyL

Corporate launchpad

Calling all innovative, competitive and eager startups!  Accenture #AIA16 is looking for the best innovations  http://a.iawards.nl/v50ak#https://innovation-awards.nl/aia-register/ 

Corporate launchpad

Dutch corporates well represented in Europe's corporate / startup stars: http://www.nesta.org.uk/blog/europes-corporate-startup-stars

Corporate launchpad
We are live with the corporate launchpad! Make a profile, share your showcase and start connecting!!

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