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Startups are well positioned to ride the wave of cloud transformation. New applications are introduced that could not have existed prior to cloud computing. Developer productivity is dramatically enhanced by utilizing cloud APIs, application assembly and agile techniques. IBM offers startups the tools and support to exploit cloud computing and help change how the world works.

Try it our for free or join the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and get up to $120K in cloud credits for Softlayer, Bluemix and Cloudant complemented with support from the team in the IBM Innovation Space.

I need a powerful cloud infrastructure that scales
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"I need a powerful cloud infrastructure that can grow as quickly as my startup."

Cloud is not a commodity. And no two clouds are built the same way. SoftLayer gives you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. One platform that takes data centers around the world that are full of the widest range of cloud computing options, and then integrates and automates everything. Startups can choose if they want to be in the two data centers in the Netherlands or somewhere else in the world.

I want to build, deploy and optimize mobile and cloud applications
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"I want to build, deploy and optimize mobile and cloud applications quickly."

Build your apps your way. Use a combination of the most prominent open-source compute technologies to power your technologies to empower your apps. Then, let Bluemix handle the rest. With Bluemix, developers can focus on building excellent user experiences with flexible compute options, choice of DevOps tooling, and a powerful set of IBM and third-party APIs and services in areas such as Analytics, Mobile, Internet of Things and Security.

I want my apps to learn, reason and consider context
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"I want to disrupt with apps that understand natural language, learn, reason and consider context."
Ibm watson

Cognitive technologies and machine learning enable startups to create the next generation of applications that can disrupt whole industries. Through the "IBM Watson Developer Cloud”, developers can now access and build with a collection of cognitive APIs such as “Personality Insights”, “Relationship Extraction” or “Visual Recognition”. These services are made available on the IBM Bluemix cloud platform.

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Already built apps with Watson services and want to take it to the next level by collaborating with the Watson team in Astor Place, New York? Apply to join the Watson Ecosystem, a community of organizations, from developers to content providers that collaborate with IBM to build the next generation of cognitive apps.

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I want to connect devices and sensors and analyse the data
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"I want to connect devices and sensors and analyse the streaming data I generate."

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating immense opportunities for startups that derive deep business insight from data generated by connected things. With the IoT services in Bluemix developers can now easily enrich applications by infusing real-time data and embedded analytics with minimal programming.

Ready to try? Build an app that monitors the water in the soil of houseplants using sensor data from a plant to understand when the plant needs watering. And let’s connect the app to twitter and let the plant tweet if it is thirsty!

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I need access to powerful analytics to understand my clients needs
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"I need access to powerful analytics to better understand my client needs."

Create apps that tap into the full potential of big data and analytics. Adopt a full range of analytics capabilities can discover what is happening, determine why it is happening, predict what is likely to happen and prescribe the best action to take.

Ready to try? Capture and analyze social data without ever writing a single line of code. Use the Node-RED workflow editor in IBM Bluemix to capture a Twitter feed and then build an HDFS file from that data. Then, use the IBM Analytics for Hadoop service in IBM Bluemix to analyze that data and produce summary charts.

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Technical Consultant

Hans Boef

Bluemix Specialist


Move a toy car with your mind using a Muse, a wearable device that collects brain wave signals, and Bluemix.

Build a hybrid mobile app that connects to a wearable device and sends sensor data from the device to the cloud.

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